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Divine Guidance

Book Excerpt from: "Sacred Power of the Universal Laws Revealed", Chapter 6

"...Your thoughts will manifest according to your intention. However, the quality of manifestation would be according to the amount of attention you give those thoughts. You can think of your mind as a garden. The conscious thoughts of your desires and goals are the flowers or vegetables in your garden. The habitual or unconscious thoughts are the weeds that also grow there, even though you didn’t plant them or choose to have them as part of your garden. The weeds are your fears and doubts. Whenever you focus your attention on your desire, it is like watering and fertilizing your flowers or vegetables. When you allow doubt or fear to enter your consciousness, your attention takes notice and acknowledges them. You are “watering and fertilizing your weeds.”

Usually a change in consciousness takes time. It is a normal occurrence for people to switch periodically from what they truly desire back to fear or doubt. When that happens, you just need to focus once again on your original desire. Let’s say you pulled the weed and after a while it grew back. All you have to do to keep your garden healthy is simply pull it out again. Keep weeding your garden and nurturing your flowers and vegetables.

You can have anything you desire. If you have the intention and determination to change your unproductive thinking, your desires will gradually become stronger than your fears or doubts. Your desires will then manifest.

Weeding your garden could be compared to the intention and determination to change your unproductive thinking. With confidence you know if you keep removing the weeds from your garden you will prevent them from destroying your plants.
The quality of the creative process and manifestation of your desires are directly related to your doubts and fears. Doubts and fears are the obstacles that manifested during the time you were creating what you wanted. If you had no fears or doubts, the manifestation of your desire would happen quickly and easily..."

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